Sunday, April 23, 2006

ToolBox: Some Thoughts about XLogoff Tool

While XLogoff tool (you can acquire here) does what it was designed to do, people are now looking for something beyond the current state. Here are some comments by a user:

"Thanks so much for what you've created. I just tried XLogoff out and while I can appreciate the work you put into it and what it does do - I'm looking for something that goes a little bit further. As a matter a fact I went looking for a 'solution' to this problem when earlier today I mistakenly logged off my Windows XP system when I had about 6 IE browser windows open on various pages that I was currently or had planned through the day to read. I also had a word document open to a file on my local drive. I had 'saved' the file before logging off so no real concern here.

"Ideally I would like a solution such as yours or someone else's that would be able to remember that I had 6 IE windows open, what url's they were each looking at and that I had MS Word open to a particular document. An additional bonus would be if I had a notepad text document with text in it but not yet saved to the hard drive that the 'solution' be able to temporarily save the state of this work."

This user raised a very good question and I completely understand his requirements. I actually thought about this issue before I published the article. It appears that different applications store currently-opened files/URLs/etc in different ways. For instance, Internet Explore saves opened contents in a temporary folder. This information usually does not go with the process data. Currently, I don't have a general solution to the issue (other than treating them individually), but it certainly is worth further investigation. I'll keep you guys posted if any progress has been made toward this direction.


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