Thursday, January 19, 2006

ToolBox: Monitoring Gasolin Prices through The Internet

I've posted a gas price web monitoring tool on "CodeProject". The tool monitors the gas price at any gas station of your choice around Great Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada. When the price you set has been reached, the tool will notify you by popping up a window and playing some music. You may configure the tool to monitor gas prices automatically when your computer is started. You also can use it as a simple web browser.

The tool is free software, written in C# for Visual Studio 2005 on Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0. The entire source code is delivered free of change. If you just want to use the tool, all you need is Framework 2.0 Re-distributable. I've also built a Windows Installer for the tool, with which you can install the tool by a click. The Installer is not posted on the "CodeProject" site, but you can contact me if you want the Installer.


Blogger zpowellman said...

Nice tool. Also liked the picture of you with the fish!

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